Albright United Methodist Church is a congregation consisting of many diverse ethical, racial and cultural backgrounds. The coming together for the purpose of serving God, praising Jesus Christ and serving our fellow manĀ erases those boundaries for the common good. Albright is not just a congregation, but an extension of our individual families.

We recently celebrated Albright’s 165th anniversary, a long standing tradition and institution in the City of Milwaukee. Some of our current members grew up in this church, and have many stories to tell of days gone by.

Our Rich History

Throughout its 171 years, the congregation, now known as Albright United Methodist Church, has seen many changes. In 1803 the Evangelical Association denomination – our denomination of origin – was formed by Jacob Albright. In 1846, the same year the City of Milwaukee was incorporated, the Zion Church of the Evangelical Association was formed. In 1927, there was a name change to First Evangelical Church and, following the merger of denominations in 1946, the name was changed again to First Evangelical United Bethren Church. In 1968 another denominational merger occurred creating the United Methodist Church in recognition of its roots in Jacob Albright’s Evangelican Association.

The 33 original members of the Zion Church of the Evangelical Association met in a building on the corner of 4th and Cedar Street (now known as Kilbourn Avenue). In 1868, the congregation built a new building on 5th and Walnut Streets. In 1904, the congregation moved a third time to a church on 11th and Brown Streets. The fourth move was to our present location at 56th and Capitol Drive in 1952. From the initial purchase of 13 city lots, the present sanctuary and parsonage were built, with the Christian Education wing being added on in 1964.

Through its rich history, the community, now known as Albright, had dedicated itself to spiritual growth and community outreach. Our neighborhood is changing, our world is changing and our community outreach is changing to meet the spiritual needs of our members, our community and our world. It is our hope that those who come after us will find us faithful in fulfilling our common discipleship to grow in faith; to reach out in mission to our neighborhood, and through the United Methodist connection to support ministry throughout our world.

In 2020, Albright and New Hope Hmong UMC merged to form Albright-New Hope UMC.