September 4, 2022 Administrator

National Hmong Caucus Leadership Summit: This year’s rejuvenating conference shall be held on Oct 13-17, 2022 at Golden Bell Camp & Conference Center in Divide, Colorado. The timely theme is “Creating A Healthy Church”: a lesson in starting as well as maintaining your beautiful church body through Jesus and the Word of God. More information is presented in the Church Parlor as well as the Summit’s registration deadline. The Cherish Your Spouse Seminar: Is open to everyone, members and nonmembers. Please invite your friends and family to attend. Save the “date” (pun intended) with you, your beloved, and the Lord…

April 19, 2020 Administrator

Please join us for an enriching bible study. Bible Study is at 10:00 a.m. We are currently studying the book of Romans. During Stay at Home Orders, we are still connecting with each other through Zoom. Please contact the office for information about connecting online.